Connecting you with the top science and tech experts in academia across the US.

We're passionate about connecting people to enable collaboration and facilitate bright futures.

In today’s world, finding and connecting with an expert shouldn't require you to be one yourself.

Lincus makes finding experts easy, fast, visually pleasing, and most importantly, possible. Just search.

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Who is Lincus for?

If you fall into any of these groups, hover over them to see how you can use Lincus.


Figure out who to do research with in grad school (or while you’re an undergrad, so you can go to grad school).

Grad Students

Figure out where to do your post-doc (or whose papers you should be reading while you’re a grad student so you can even get a decent post-doc).

University Faculty

Find collaborators, potential seminar speakers, or external reviewers for promotion and tenure.


Find experts to help you pursue new research directions or stay ahead of your competition.

Venture & Investment Firms

Find key opinion leaders to assist with due diligence on new technology/investment opportunities.

University Admins

Better understand your existing in house expertise and how you stack up relative to your peers.

Journal Editors

Find potential peer reviewers (that part is embarrassingly easy with Lincus; getting them to accept, well, you’re on your own there).


If you can’t figure this one out, we really can’t help you.


Find a quote/soundbite for your next science/tech article.

Conference Organizers

Find thought leaders (so the conference sounds more exciting than it really is).

Okay, so, how much?

Right now we’re only selling enterprise versions of Lincus.

If your organization doesn’t currently have Lincus, but you think it should, tell your boss, or your boss’ boss, or your boss’ boss’ boss to contact us.

If you’re interested in getting an individual subscription when we release those, or you just want to keep tabs on Lincus, leave us your email (hint: early fans will get special pricing).

Who we are

Lincus is a small team of hard-working individuals who love what they do, and love arguing about it even more.

Next time you find yourself driving on I-84 between New York and Boston with an hour of free time, come say hi!

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