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Expertise search for a connected world

Lincus lets you find experts right from your browser. All you need to know is what you're looking for.

Simple. Clear.
Really fast.

It shouldn’t take hours of combing through scholarly literature to find scientific experts. We have computers for that. Our algorithms scour high-quality data sources to get you accurate, unbiased results — in less time than it will take you to type your search (unless you type really, really fast).

We pride ourselves in giving you accurate, unbiased results

Filter and Refine

Filter and Refine

Scan, filter, and refine with ease. Our search tools let you weight activity, newness, grants, and publications individually, to fine-tune your search according to your needs.

Transparent Output

Transparent Output

Results link you directly to primary data sources. When you find an expert, you'll be able to see why they showed up at the top by looking through their grants and publications.

Continual Updates

Continual Updates

Not only do we listen to feedback when something goes wrong, but we're always working to add new data sources, to ensure a breadth of accurate results.

Experts for

Use Lincus to find a mentor at your institution (or anywhere in the US) by finding out who’s the best of the best in your chosen field. Or, use Lincus to compare schools’ collective expertise on any STEM topic.

Whether you run an academic institution or a biotech company, Lincus will find you top experts and provide analytics to move initiatives forward.

In an age where media bias is scrutinized, Lincus can provide fresh and unbiased top science sources for your next big story.

Whether you’re an analyst for a consulting firm or for venture capital, use Lincus to find unbiased key opinion leaders, read their scholarly works, and wrap your head around a new area — in minutes, rather than days.

We strongly believe that everyone in need of a medical specialist should be able to find one with confidence, speed, and ease. Lincus will find you the top physician scientists regionally or nationally, on the most common to the most rare of conditions.


Whether you’re an aspiring expert, in need of one, or are one yourself, Lincus can help you in all the ways you need, and some you might not expect.