Academic institutions are fundamentally about the pursuit of knowledge.

Which makes it somewhat ironic that most have a relatively lousy understanding of what their faculty “know” (i.e., their area of expertise). And if you want to figure out expertise on a national level, well then, good luck with that…

Enter Lincus.

We’re really into helping people find and connect with science experts. Bottom line is that we think that finding faculty experts shouldn’t require 3 degrees and 15 years of schooling (particularly since getting those degrees often requires you to find those faculty in the first place).

You’re on Lincus version 0.9.0, Pre-Release. (Congratulations!)

You have our heartfelt thanks for joining us at the first step of this journey. We are deeply excited about Lincus and have huge plans for the product. We hope you enjoy using and watching it grow as much as we enjoy making it.

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24 August 2018
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We can always do better.

We want to hear your thoughts on Lincus, and we don’t just say that because everyone else does. Send us feedback (no worries if it’s negative—just be nice) and let us know your thoughts on the product so that we can improve. Or send us some compliments to keep us going.

Results-related inquiries:

If you’re an angry faculty member wondering why you’re not showing up as the top expert in your field, you can let us know and we’ll look into it. Most likely, it can be attributed to any of four things:


A bug in our code.

Nobody's perfect.


Our algorithms aren’t as good as we thought.

A real possibility, although we consistently and personally check results to ensure accuracy.


Your expertise is not captured in our principal data sources.

We’re constantly adding new data sources, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly become a top expert in the future.


You’re just not as hot as you think you are.

This is the least likely cause—you’re probably pretty great. We think you are. Really.

If you need technical assistance with Lincus, you can get in touch with us:


+1 929 454 6287

Some secrets are better left untold.

We totally love the fact that you’re intrigued and want to learn more, but unfortunately we can’t provide that information. It’s what one might call “trade secret” (we do need to feed ourselves after all). Plus, who doesn’t love a good mystery?! Anyways, even if we did tell you how we did it, we’re constantly making and changes and improvements, so next month it would probably no longer be relevant. Ok, now we’re just rationalizing....